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 The Story Behind Why We Love This

Finding joy in the midst of heartache is hard  - this became especially true when Lewiston was given a terminal diagnosis and less than a year to live. The Olstads made a pact to choose joy every damn day. Instead of a pity party they choose a DANCE PARTY. They were known around the hospital for this daily ritual. Messages still pour in from family, friends, and followers having dance parties to the famous song “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. It is a song of hope and and beautiful memories they made with Lewiston. Lewiston is now dancing peacefully up in heaven - we will continue to bust out a move to remind us that even in darkness light, joy, and hope can be found.  Jessica is still patiently waiting to meet Justin Timberlake.


* Designed, manufactured, and printed with love in Calgary, Canada with imported pieces.

 * Fabric// 66% Rayonne// 28% Cotton/ 6% Spandex //Ribbing: 97% Cotton// 3% Spandex// Wash in cold water// Tumble dry low// Product has not been pre shrunk.

**Not shown in correct colour. This is available in our standard grey.**